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MistressEve.com is owned and operated by me, Mistress Eve. I’m a Las Vegas Based lifestyle female dominant and I love what I do. It’s who I am. I would not call myself a “princess” per se, however I value a sense of being well taken care of. Nothing extraordinary, I just wish to be worshipped and served. That isn’t too much to ask, right.


My interests vary around the theme of beauty. I love to watch, touch, taste and make beautiful things. I like to watch beautiful films and buy beautiful artwork. I love good shoes (size 6.5 – 7.5) and who doesn’t? I absolutely love reminding the people who step all over others that I step all over them. They can spend the whole day bossing the world around. But when it comes down to it, they aren’t the bosses. They are pathetic fumbling little things begging for redemption. Begging for me to tell them they are good. Begging to be punished for their wrongs. Little things like this uplift my day.


I believe you can learn a lot about people by learning their favorite things. So I love…


The Beatles, Tome Waits and Tori Amos


Chocolate, Vosges Haut is my favorite


I like to receive gifts! go to my amazon.com wishlist and buy me something:


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I have a 12 pound mutt and I get a kick out of putting silly clothes on him. I also groom him to have a mustache which I think looks very handsome and manly.

I love stockings. Beautiful silk and unique woven stockings with patterns or seams up the back.


I like to read just about anything, particularly comic books. Seducing and extorting comic books out of young men might have been the beginning of my assured dominance.


I have an unquenchable thirst for boots. Ankle boots, calf-high boots, knee-high and thigh-high.  I like furry bohemian boots and spiked medal heel New Rock “I’m gonna kick your fucking ass” boots.


I love to hear stories, so write some for me, I might even reward you for it...




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